Birth into Immortality



This book has been rated as one of the best doctrinal works of the century. It has the potential of permanently changing Evangelical Christianity for the next one thousand years! One reader claims he has not read any more revelatory book than this in the last twenty years! It tackles one of the most misunderstood yet most trending topics of the last millennium.

Immortality is now a trending word among believers, theologians and philosophers. Many books on the subject of immortality are currently being sold! The greatest desire of man is to find the technology for immortality. Mankind, no matter the race, color or class, wants to overcome death. Man dreads death; man does not wish to die. But every man is born mortal; death remains the greatest problem of man. Over the ages, man has fought it. He has tried every possible means to conquer death. Yet death remains invincible to man.

Do the following words have same meaning or are they different things: immortality, kingdom of God, born again, resurrection and eternal life? ‘How can man attain immortality or kingdom of God’? What is the birth into Immortality? Man keeps wondering if there is a way of conquering death. Scientist and philosophers alike are in the search! The search continues for the key to immortality. Most religions of this world promise their adherents immortality but only the Christian faith offers a guaranteed way to immortality.

The scriptures reveal a clear and certain route to immortality. Jesus himself gave clear teachings on the birth to immortality but most of his followers did not understand him because he spoke in parables.

The Apostles however explained the teachings of Jesus. So, the scriptures of the apostles offer clear insight into how and when mortals will become immortals.
Over the years, the church which supposed to be the pillar and ground of truth and the custodian of revealed truth has deviated from the teachings of the Apostles and is now running on the wheels of human philosophies.

But the revealed truth on immortality cannot be kept from the church forever. The author in this book has opened up the seal on this matter. One can understand through this book, the how and when of immortality! As can be seen in his writings, the author is known for taking up controversial issues and doing thorough biblical research on them. This is one of such a thoroughly researched work. Don’t delay, get your copy now!


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