Eternal Life



There has never been any subject more important to man in any age or race than that of eternal life. Man’s greatest pursuit throughout the ages has been to attain eternal life. Man desires to live forever in paradise. All religions of the world offer one idea or the other on how to attain eternal life. Every society of the world has its own concept of eternal life. As far as man is concerned, the most important issue is the question of eternal life. As expected, it is the central thought of the Bible. The Bible as a divine revelation offers nothing else to man except eternal life. The subject of eternal life runs through the entire Bible from its opening pages to the closing verses. The whole concept of Jesus, the Christ, is about eternal life. Christ is the embodiment of eternal life. He exists for the sole purpose of giving eternal life to man. But unfortunately, the biblical doctrine of eternal life is the least understood of all doctrines.
Different theologians at different times have offered different ideas on the subject matter thereby leaving the church confused. Some theologians like E.W. Kenyon and Kenneth E. Hagin teach that eternal life is God’s kind of life which is imparted to the spirit-man of a person when he believes in Christ. This is to say that eternal life deals with the human spirit or that it is the human spirit that receives eternal life.
Other theologians go on to say that immortality can be attained in the flesh (i.e. through some spiritual exercises and knowledge we could attain Immortality while in the flesh) which denies the resurrection and suggests that man can grow into immortality. Some even deny the reality of resurrection and eternal life. Many other teachings on this subject abound throughout the church age. But it is even more unfortunate to note that the modern church has left off this most important subject and is meddling with all kinds of subjects bordering on success and nation building. This shift in focus has further left the church in darkness concerning the subject of eternal life. One can hardly find any book on the shelf today which discusses on this subject.
In consideration of the importance of this subject matter, Joshua Nwaokedi Izugbara has clearly and systematically explained what eternal life is all about and how man can attain it in this book. This is a well-articulated book in which the concept of eternal life is demystified. Anyone can read this book and understand without much effort on how to gain eternal life.


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