God’s Love – Stronger than Death



Many books have been written on different aspects of life. There are volumes of books written about God. But most of the books written about God present a distorted view about him. The truth about God has not really ever been told. So, the search for the knowledge of God continues. We therefore need a clear and accurate presentation of the true nature of God. We are happy to announce that we now have a book that clearly and accurately present God in his true form.
This book gives the revelation on which every life on earth should be built. Why?

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, believers have found themselves trapped in depression and anxiety. They try much to free themselves from depression and anxiety, but all to no avail. Churches are filled with believers struggling emotionally and even spiritually. Fear has gripped their lives with a very tight grip. Believers are living lives that do not reflect God’s help and are dying prematurely. They are tired of trying to get better because things are not getting better for them. Presently, the quality of life of the believer is no better than that of the unbeliever. The struggle continues for most believers. Yet, they fail to understand their predicament; after all, they are attending church regularly.

The church and the preachers have worsened the situation. They preach a performance based gospel and make God appear as one who relates with us based on our performance. All that the believer hears daily from the pulpit is: ‘God is angry with you; you have to do this or do that to appease him’ or ‘You must love God enough to earn his blessings’. So, instead of faith rising from the heart of the believer, fear and condemnation rule over them.

The writer of this book has revealed the solution to the believer’s problems. The solution is all locked up in understanding the true nature of God, which is LOVE. The writer takes us on an explorative journey into the nature of God and how God in this nature relates with all of mankind. He takes us on a romantic journey in getting to know the true nature of God. The knowledge of the Love God has towards us is liberating as it is revealed in this book. It is time for us to focus on His Love for us, and not on our love for Him.

This book promises to bring healing to the soul of every one that reads it, no matter their stage of spiritual or emotional development. It promises to give the reader a life-time, unshakable and rock-hard trust in God that can stand any storm of life! It has been recommended for every believer as a foundational book. Every believer is encouraged to read it before reading any other book. Every church should make this book a manual for all their members and every Bible school should offer a course on God’s love using this book as the course handout. Every family should have a copy of this book on their dining table. Every parent should ensure that he or she studies this book with his or her family! Indeed, everyone should read this book!

Does God demand that we love him? Is God angry with man? Can God reject someone he has once forgiven? Can someone forfeit his gift of forgiveness? Will God torment man forever in the lake of fire? Are we suffering for our sins? Is God the one punishing us for our sins? Who is behind all our pains? How do we judge doctrines and practices? How do we know the true God? These and more are discussed in this book. Get your copy now!


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