How to be led by the Spirit of God



A wise man once said that whosoever fails to make a choice when life gives him the chance, has chosen to give failure a chance in his life.

Are you at a cross road right now? Are you presently faced with a major decision? Are you afraid of taking the wrong step right now? Are you wondering about what the future may bring for you? This is just the right book for you! In this book, the author, brings to your doorsteps, his more than 25 years of insight and experience in counselling, teaching and ministry around the world.

Many people are confused about what to do next. As such, many people in Europe and America, are running after psychics and spirit mediums while in Africa so many people are visiting self-acclaimed prophets-all for direction in life. Direction is key to successful living.

People are asking whether God is interested in their daily affairs. ‘Does God have any plans for me?’ They ask. If he does, how may I know his plan for my life? All over the world, they are asking, ‘Is there any fail-proof way of knowing the right thing to do at every point in life? How can one know for sure how to make the right decisions and choices in the face of many options? How can one hear God’s voice in the midst of all the noise around?

In this book, How to be Led by the Spirit, the author, Joshua Nwaokedi Izugbara establishes the correlation between success in life and right choices and decisions. He shows that no one can rise above his own choices and decisions. Your birth is the result of a decision made by your parents but your future depends on the decisions you make today. Great men are only great because they are great decision-makers. In his own words, ‘We make our choices and our choices make or mar us’. Some decisions have transgenerational consequences. In other words, the effect of those decisions impact on several generations. Some one should never make a major decision without consulting The Creator.

If one’s decisions determine his destiny, then decision making is a very critical aspect of life. In other words, everything rises and falls on our daily choices. The question then arises, ‘How can one make right choices and decisions in life? Again, ‘How can one avoid falling into the pit of wrong decisions? These are not careless questions neither do they demand careless answers.

The answers are in this book. The author is his simple but clear way of writing, explains the universal way by which God leads his people. He goes further to simplify the process of receiving guidance from God in such a way that everyone who reads the book can know for sure when and how God speaks to him.

As one reader of the book said, ‘all doubts about hearing the voice of God, clears when one reads this book’. Reading this book may certainly bring about the turning point in your life.

You are strongly encouraged to pick up this book today and to read it!


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