Lost In Adam, Restored in Christ



There have been much speculation on certain Bible doctrines bothering on the nature of man and his destiny. Some age-long questions include: What is the image of God? Is man a spirit or a soul? What did man loose in Adam? What is eternal life?What was the purpose of the Law of Moses? Where are the dead? What did we regain in Christ? What is righteousness? What is the difference between the Holly Spirit under the Law and Holy Spirit in this age of Grace? Is the gift of Holy Spirit in this age permanent or not? Is salvation in the age of grace permanent or not? Where in man does the Holy Spirit dwell: the human spirit or the mind? Is the second death eternal torment or annihilation and what is the theme of the Bible? These and more questions have been issues of speculations for ages. But the Bible is clear on these issues; the Bible does not leave these questions unanswered.

All these issues and more are clearly treated in the Bible. God has not left us without enough information about these matters. Yet, most Bible teachers and scholars have no clear understanding of what the Bible teaches about these issues; they merely hold on to traditional beliefs. So, there is so much disparity in the beliefs and teachings of different denominations concerning these issues. The charismatics for instance are greatly influenced by the teachings of E. W Kenyon who taught that man is a spirit, that sin is fundamentally spiritual and that eternal life is the nature of God. On the basis of these beliefs, charismatics hold on tenaciously to certain non-biblical teachings simply due to their respect for Kenyon and the assumption that he was infallible. Many believers over the years have not been able to research on these issues; they simply depend on what has been handed down to them by their denominational leaders.

However, in this book, LOST IN ADAM, RESTORED IN CHRIST, these questions have been confronted and answered satisfactorily based on scriptures. In this book, there is no inclination to tradition but total dependence on Scripture as the basis for faith and belief. Man is identified here as a soul; image of God has been proven to be righteousness; eternal life has been shown to be everlasting life in paradise and we have been able to identify what we lost in Adam and regained in Christ as Righteousness.

This book has shown that the dead are unconscious and sleeping in the graves and that the second death is annihilation and not, as widely believed, eternal torment in a lake of fire. Further more, we have shown clearly in this book that salvation in the age of grace is different than in the age of the Law. In the age of grace, salvation and the gift of Holy Spirit are permanent. Another very controversial belief that has been corrected in this book is that of where the Spirit of God resides in man. This book has shown that contrary to popular belief, the Spirit resides in the mind which is the heart of man and not in his human spirit for man has no human spirit. Charismatics also wrongly believe that the new birth involves the recreation of the human spirit but in this book such a thought has been corrected. Most importantly, the theme of the Bible has been clearly established here.

Most of the errors in the church are largely due to the lack of understanding of the central thought of the Bible. Scholars without this understanding easily go off the tangent in their interpretation of the Bible. In order to understand and accurately interpret the scriptures one needs to understand clearly the theme of the Bible. This has been solved in this book as the theme and central thought of the Bible has been clearly identified as Righteousness and Everlasting Life in Paradise through Jesus Christ God’s son. The goal of this book is to provide the reader, no matter his background, with a clear understanding of God’s purpose and plan for man; how man lost this purpose through Adam and how God restored his purpose through the second man, Jesus Christ.


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