The Apostles Doctrine



A study has shown that the church is not growing spiritually. We only have increase in local church membership and attendance but there is no upward growth and maturity. There is so much of religious activity without spirituality. The reason is that there is a total deviation from the original doctrine taught by the apostles! There cannot be growth without the true foundation. Most believers, churches and ministries today have no biblical foundation, They are building on sand.

They simply do religious things without substance! This book is the revelation of the true spiritual foundation upon which the church of Christ is built. The believer of today is faced with many questions which the preachers of today are not addressing; questions like: What is the Bible all about? What is the difference between a true apostle and a false one? How can one know a true church? What is the real message of the Bible? Who is Jesus: God, angel or man? In what form was he before he became a man? What is adoption? When was Jesus adopted? Have believers been adopted already or are waiting for adoption? What is the new birth? What happens at the new birth? Is man’s spirit recreated at the new birth or is he given Holy Spirit at the new birth? If one has been called into the ministry what exactly should he preach? All these questions and more are answered in this book. This book is a manual or road map for all preachers and believers of all races and ages.

It traces the plan of God from Eden to the coming ages. It explains the person of Jesus Christ in clear terms and unravels the mystery about him. More so, it explains a lot about Holy Spirit. The subjects of the resurrection of the dead and eternal judgment are adequately explained herein. In the book we discover that the Old Covenant prophets basically testified about Jesus. Christ was central to their message. He was the theme of their ministry. Christ has come and accomplished all things as spoken by the prophets, except for the coming kingdom. He died, rose from the dead and ascended to heaven, and has been made both Lord and Christ.

The book goes further to show how that the resurrection of Jesus necessitated a new kind of ministry to compliment the ministry of the Old Covenant prophets. The new ministry is that of apostles! The main assignment of an apostle is revealed in this book. Apostolic ministry is a post resurrection ministry. The significance of the resurrection of Jesus is the crux of the matter. The early apostles dedicated their lives to proving to the world that Jesus has risen from the dead. But things have changed! Most of the multitudes that throng into the so called churches of today are not true saints by scriptural standards but mere religious zealots! The institutionalized assemblies of our days are not the true Ecclesia of God. These are humanistic institutions operating on man-made philosophies. Most of them are either philosophy or technology driven.

These organizations have nothing in common with the true Church of Jesus Christ, except that they mention his name! Anyone who reads the scriptures knows that most of those parading themselves as apostles, bishops, prophets, pastors, teachers or gospel preachers are mere merchants, using the name of Jesus to take care of their bellies! Perhaps the most pathetic of all is that what we hear as gospel message from the television, internet, pulpits or read in books today is far from what the apostles preached. There is a total deviation from the original pattern of things. The ordinary saint of today does not know the truth as taught in scriptures. Everything seems to be out of order in the church of our day! Why is it so and how can correction be effected? The only way is to go back to the Apostles Doctrine. It is the foundation of the true Church of God. The Church is built on the foundation of the apostles and prophet, Jesus Christ being the chief cornerstone.


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