The Message of the Cross



It has been said many times over, that Revival is coming. It seems however, that the more you ponder on this revival, the further it seems to be from happening. Maybe and just maybe, there are more to this anticipated revival, than meets the eyes.
The Message of the Cross, has been pushed further back into the closet of the preacher. So much so, that it is hardly touched, or mentioned today by them. BUT God is reviving this message. He is shunting out of the way, everything that was obfuscating the preacher’s sight and vision. What was once an impediment, has now been tossed aside by the hand of the Almighty!
The goal of this book is that whoever reads it will thirst no more! Everyone who is thirsty for the truth will have his thirst quenched permanently after reading this work. It’s the first of its kind and stands on its own class! It’s a classical treatise on the gospel of grace preached by Paul. This book is set to cause a major revolution and shift in the Church age!
The author of this book has been powerfully used by God, to reveal to mankind the hidden truths surrounding the Cross of Calvary. He expertly unveils the death of Jesus on the Cross of Calvary. This is a ground work in this sphere of Christian ministry! Some gospel preachers who read the book believe that it is in its own class!
The author in his unique way of delivery, dishes up a feast of revelation, unveiling the hidden things about the Cross of Calvary, and its significance in the life of the believer today.
One would think that the Message of the Cross cannot be that voluminous, what more can there be to the death of Jesus or the Cross of Calvary? The author however presents a twenty five Chapter write up, on the Message of the Cross. The Reading of this book opens your eyes to so much more than just the actual death of Jesus on the Cross. It reveals that so much more happened, when Jesus died on the Cross of Calvary.
The book starts off with an in-depth explanation of how the death of Jesus on the cross of Calvary is the turning point of history.
The author lays a rock-solid foundation for the work by addressing the prominence and importance of “love”. He takes the reader on an exploration into the heart of God, by revealing how God relates to man today. He takes us back to the Garden of Eden, showing us what really happened, when Adam fell.
“God went to Adam after he had eaten the fruit; but Adam withdrew from God. He did not understand the love of God. If he knew that God made him because of love and that the very nature of God is love, he would have rather…….”
The author then takes us into the Message of the Cross, as referred to by Paul in the First epistle written to the Corinthians (1 Cor. 1:18). He explains how the relationship between man and God changed as a result of the Cross.
“The message of the cross is that God’s relationship with man changed because of the cross. The way God related with man in the ages before the cross is not the way He relates with man after Christ’s death. He now relates with man purely on the basis of Christ’s death. In other ages, God related to man based on their obedience to His commands, but in this age He relates to man based on faith in Christ’s death on the tree….”
The author skillfully depicts the applicability of the law, in this dispensation, and how the Cross impacted the status of the law, in the believer’s life today.
The book explains at great length the importance of faith in the appropriation of all that Jesus made available to the believer through His death on the Cross of Calvary; it treats the reader to an in-depth study of the Law of faith, as referred to by Paul in his epistle to the Romans.
He deals with the Cross and forgiveness, circumcision, prosperity, healing, victory over sin, the Name of Jesus, to mention but a few.
In this book the author succeeds in bringing to life the Good News, about what Jesus did on the Cross of Calvary!


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