Tithing and the New Testament


Tithing has become a controversial topic today. Most churches have institutionalized tithing and they back up their practice from the Law of Moses. Tithing has even been taught as the key to financial prosperity. People who do not tithe are said to be under the curse. Poverty among church members is said to be caused by lack of tithing. But is tithing a New Testament doctrine? Should New Testament believers tithe? What is the equivalent of tithing in the New Testament? Why didn’t Paul teach the church about tithing? Why is there no mention of tithe in all his epistles to the gentile churches? These and more questions are the issues facing today’s church.

In this book, the author has carefully dealt with these questions. Any believer who goes through this work will understand the New Testament perspective on tithing. The writer also took time to explain the concept of priesthood in relation to tithing. Are all New Testament believers priests? Are there Aaronic priests today? Do we have Levites in the church today? Should priests pay tithe? The Bible teaches that when the priesthood changes, the law also changes. Since there has been a change in priesthood through the death and resurrection of Jesus, the writer shows in this book that there is also a change in practice.

New Testament believers cannot be subjected to the Law of Moses and the ordinances of the Aaronic priesthood. This understanding puts the believer and the ministers of the gospel in a tight situation. So, the question arises, if we are not under the Law and Aaronic priesthood, how do we go about financing the New Testament ministry? On what basis should gospel ministers raise funds for the ministry? On what grounds should the believer support the church? Is there any pattern established by the apostles for raising finances in the church? How did the early church generate so much financial and material support without practising Tithing? The writer has covered all these issues in this book. All believers of all races and backgrounds are therefore encouraged to read this book in order to have a clear understanding of the subject matter! According to Dr. Christian Benjamin, this book is a must read for all church members!


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