Woman, You are Free



Women have been victims of religion throughout the ages. Every religion has a way of suppressing women and keeping them in bondage. Judaism is not an exception. Jewish laws pushed women to the wall and church leaders over the years have done greatly well in using the Law of Moses to oppress, suppress and keep women in bondage. Women are banned from wearing one kind of cloth or the other; they are disallowed from using one kind of comfort or the other. They are even disallowed from speaking in church meetings. But the attitude of church leaders towards women stems from their ignorance of the real nature, purpose and duty of the law. The law was never meant to give righteousness or everlasting life. The Law was only a temporary measure to keep us until Christ comes. It was meant to give way once the savior finishes his work of redemption. More so the law dealt only with the externals-wear not, taste not, handle not, etc-it had no provision for the heart or the conscience. Religion only deals with the externals. Religion cannot heal the heart. Rules and regulations cannot cure the heart; principles cannot heal the heart. Only grace heals the heart. Jesus is grace personified. On the cross Jesus fulfilled all the requirements of the law and laid it aside. By so doing he once and for all released women from all the demands of the law. Women are therefore free from all the encumbrances of the law. The book is presented in seven short chapters for easy reading. In the book, seven basic pieces of information about the law have been identified. Issues like, should women wear men’s cloth? Should women wear jewelries? Should women speak in church meetings and should women use cosmetics are thoroughly covered in the book. The issue of covering of the head in church meetings by women which has posed a major concern over the years has been cleared explained in this book. More over the very important question about receiving information about hell and heaven from people who claimed to have died is also properly explained in the book. Finally the book deals with the question of whether someone can be lost in the lake of fire for putting on wears that are related to the opposite gender, using jewelries or cosmetics.
The author has shown that women are free from the Jewish laws which had bound them before now. The book shows that women are free to speak in churches and to minister the gospel. In the book every woman finds real freedom from the fears imposed on them by religious leaders! The book is a short read and goes straight to the heart of the matter without ambiguity. It answers some age long questions in the mind of women of all races. In the book every women finds freedom and peace from condemnation. The reader can easily recommend it to others who may be confused on the same issues.


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